Accidental Death Cleanup

 Accidental Death Cleanup Services

Our Prompt Accidental Death Cleanup Services

This involves a detailed procedure to detect, disinfect and completely remove all traces of bio-hazardous materials, to include but not limited to; blood, bodily fluids, tissue & bone matter, contaminated clothing and household goods, hypodermic needles, razor blades and other items that may pose a risk of injury. Although a visual inspection of a crime or trauma scene may reveal a great deal of blood and bodily fluids about the area, an equal amount will be found by our technicians in areas that cannot be seen or easily accessed. It is vital that all traces of these elements be removed from a scene. JCS BioHazard Services through a diligent inspection and a certificate of remediation provides the client with assurances of a job completed.

Why A Biohazard Clean-up Specialist?  

Exposure to biohazardous contaminants can pose a serious risk to your health, and the health of your family, tenants, employees or clients. The failure to properly and safely dispose of these biohazards and toxins can result in an unhealthy and even dangerous environment now, and far into the future. Most individuals and business owners are unfamiliar with our industry until a crisis occurs.  
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JCS Biohazard Service's trained staff has the know-how to handle death scene cleanups. Avoid direct contact with blood pathogens such as HIV, AIDS, and hepatitis, as well as drug-resistant bacterial contagions like MRSA with our help.
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