Accidental Death Cleanup

crime scene tape

Our Advanced Accidental Death Cleanup

JCS Biohazard Services’ job is to remove any bio-hazardous material that may have resulted from a traumatic event. Blood or tissue at a trauma scene is considered a potential source of infection. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations, deem all bodily fluids as biohazard. Our experts have the skills and knowledge to safely handle and remove biohazard material. We know what to look for at a trauma scene. Simply cleaning a carpet or floor will not eliminate possible contaminated areas. JCS Biohazard Services’ experts are trained to understand federal guidelines that dictate work practices, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), transportation and disposal of biohazard waste appropriately. We posses necessary permits, training, and willingness to handle material that may be extremely upsetting to others.

Our construction background gives us the ability to understand the dynamics of a trauma or crime scene clean-up. Some trauma scenes require walls and built-in structures to be removed. JCS Biohazards Services offers our clients the fortitude, strength, and emotional detachment to successfully complete a difficult situation. JCS trauma scene cleaners handle all types of messy situations (bloody fingerprints, blood and body fluids and decayed tissue, that can be dangerous, nauseating, and emotionally draining.

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When cleaning the scene of a death, weather a natural death, an accidental death, or an unattended death, our professionals are equipped enough to protect themselves from pathogens such as HIV, AIDS, and hepatitis, as well as drug-resistant bacterial contagions like MRSA. Hire our professionals who take all relevant precautions while providing cleanup services.