Hoarding Cleanup Services

Hoarding cleanup services

Our Professional Hoarding Cleanup Services

Is your loved one a compulsive hoarder and living in an unhealthy and dangerous environment? Let our compassionate staff at JCS Biohazard Service help you count on us to always communicate with you with respect We clean and disinfect Items that can be salvaged and dispose of items that cannot be salvaged.

Gross filth typically involves a building, warehouse or residence that a reasonable person would find unsafe or uninhabitable due to the combination of fecal matter, bodily fluids, excessive trash, expired food, pet hoarding conditions, boxed items, mildew, etc. The task of cleaning an area of gross filth can be challenging or even impossible for untrained individuals. JCS Biohazard Services will utilize proper equipment, tools and chemicals to completely decontaminate the area, totally eliminating all potential hazards. Pet and animal fecal matter and urine can be very infectious and pose a considerable risk of illness if not properly handled. The wastes are contained, removed and the area is disinfected. Additionally, our technicians will provide the client with a variety of state of the art odor control systems to eliminate any residual odor leaving the property totally renewed.

Hoarding cleanup before and after
Hoarding cleanup

Our Dependable Crew

Our skilled team can help you recover if a family member has experienced hoarding. We’ll sanitize and clean the entire area, using proprietary cleaning solutions and processes, to help protect the property the value. We offer Discount for veterans and senior citizens.

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Our specialists are well-trained and experienced in hoarding cleanup services. We’ll catalog and determine the salvageable contents and restore the original sanitary condition of the property.